This project had a variety of assets allocated to it such us still images and video files, and my job was to create a short Adobe After Effects animation titled “The Journey” using a selection of the material.

Although this was my first attempt at any kind of 2D animation for a university project, I still consider it a great example of my animation skills. I decided to produce a kinetic typography video, utilising a speech from the great Alan Watts, intended to ask the question: what is your journey?


FeedEEback is a service that allows corporate and retail businesses a way of easily communicating with its staff on their views and opinions. Produced by Golden Egg Innovation, this brief demanded that the service have an updated explainer video outlining the general concept of the tool, meant to interest and intrigue potential buyers.

In order to easily convey a complex business model such as FeedEEback, a 2D motion graphics ad felt like the most logical approach to such a task.


Focus is a fun filled event held by HTB Church, a religious organisation with related churches dotted up and down the country. The event brings people together from all over for a week of celebration and teachings, and that’s exactly what the opening animation to Focus 2017 was meant to encapsulate.

Created using Adobe After Effects, I was bought in to collaborate with members of the Creative Team and help make the second part of the opening animation which introduces the crowd to Focus.